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So what is coaching, anyway?

In essence, coaching is an action-oriented professional partnership between two people in which the coach holds the client accountable to bridging the gap between where they currently are, and where they’d like to be. 

In contrast to traditional therapy, which focuses on the past and the why, coaching  focuses on the now and the how.

Every coach has a different style.  I use a hybrid of hands-on strategy, radical honesty, fun, and social psychology, to help my clients build confidence, differentiate between what’s real and what their fear is telling them is real, get off the couch, and harness their strengths to connect with people out in the real world.

My coaching philosophy is that if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

I challenge my clients to step out of their comfort zones and step into the best versions of themselves so that their future love interests have the opportunity to be attracted to them.

My dating coaching is not one size fits all.  I help each of my clients create customized toolbox that plays to their unique strengths, overcomes their particular obstacles, and sets them up for success to meet their particular goals.

I exclusively work with awesome people.  And if I think you’re awesome, I won’t go easy on you.

Just call me the Coach Taylor of dating.

Here’s what I won’t do:

  • Be mean to you
  • Tell you what you want to hear
  • Let you make excuses for yourself
  • Teach you how to manipulate people
  • Solve your problems for you

Here’s what I will do:

  • Be radically honest with you
  • Tell you what you need to hear
  • Call bullshit on your bullshit
  • Provide insight on how to connect with people
  • Empower you to solve your own problems

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